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Our entire team is dedicated to providing thorough and gentle dental care. 

We are specialists in Pediatric Dentistry and our goal is to promote Healthy Grins for life. Pediatric dentistry is a specialty of dentistry involving comprehensive dental care for children from birth to through the adolescent years.   Our goal is to provide your child with the highest quality dental health care in the most positive, effective and timely manner possible.  Our office team is filled with amazing people who have the ability and the experience to provide the type of care we strive for.

When should my child first see a dentist?

“First visit by first birthday” sums it up. Your child should visit a pediatric dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually between six and twelve months of age. Early examination and preventive care will protect your child’s smile now and in the future. The most important reason is to begin a thorough prevention program. Dental problems can begin early. The earlier the dental visit, the better the chance of preventing dental problems. Children with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Start your child now on a lifetime of good dental habits.

Can I visit the office with my child for an orientation? 

We welcome you and your child to come visit the office for a parent/child orientation even before your child’s first visit. We hold these orientations twice a month in our office. This orientation would allow you and your child to see exactly what would happen during his/her first visit to the dentist. This also would allow you to see our office, meet our wonderful staff, and to ask any general questions.

What will happen during my child’s first visit?

At your child’s first visit, we would examine your child’s teeth and gums, checking for decay and other problems or abnormalities in the mouth. We would also evaluate their bite, spacing for permanent teeth, and proper alignment of jaws. Your child’s teeth may then be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a topical fluoride solution. We may also take any necessary x-rays to evaluate for non-visible decay and proper growth and development. We may also discuss potential problems such as nursing decay, pacifier, and finger/thumb-sucking habits. Dr. Chan and her team will then advise you on a program of preventive health care including flossing, brushing, proper nutrition, and the use of fluoride. Our goal is to give you the information you need to prevent cavities and maintain optimum oral health.

What do I tell my child about seeing the dentist?

When your child visits us, we always explain and describe any treatment we will perform before or as we proceed.  In order to maintain a non-threatening environment, we explain things in simple, non-threatening terms.  We avoid scary words such as “hurt”, “drill”, “pull” and “shot”, instead we use words that convey the same idea but are more pleasant non-frightening.  For example, an injection (“shot”) is described as a “squirting” of medicine next to the tooth to “help it to take a nap.” The child understands that a nap is a normal event of short duration thus hopefully relieving the fear and anxiety that sometimes heightens the unpleasantness of being numb.

You can see that these descriptions are very descriptive and literal as well as non-threatening.  We strive for as pleasant an experience as possible – one that is not full of surprises.  We stress to our patients the importance of their visits, the work that is to be done, and the need for their cooperation.  We are confident in our abilities to treat your child’s pediatric dental needs both medically and emotionally.

Should I stay with my child during their visit?

Children over the age of 3 can have a positive independent dental visit when accompanied by one of our caring staff members.  Our team of friendly and compassionate professionals have specialized training to help apprehensive children overcome anxiety and feel comfortable seeing the dentist.  We can usually establish a closer bond with your child if they are allowed to come back for their appointment on their own.  Our intent is to build your child’s confidence and reassure them that we are here to help.

After 30 years of treating children in dentistry our experience has shown that children over 3 years old respond positively when allowed to experience a dental visit on their own or with their siblings in an environment designed specifically for them. As you know, every child is different. Each young patient will be able to form their own preferences about their dental process with us. We will work with you to decide the best method to give your child a positive experience at our office.

We have consistently enjoyed a very high rate of success and you should feel assured and confident in your child’s dental care.

How often does my child need to see the pediatric dentist?

A check-up every six months is recommended in order to prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, once we have one or two initial appointments with your child, we can tell you when and how often your child should visit the dentist based on their personal oral health.

Schedule a Field trip!!

Field TripParents, as you know, early introduction to dental health is very important. Since our office specializes in pediatric dentistry, we would like the opportunity to visit your child’s school to make that introduction enjoyable, educational and fun! On the field trip kids will learn good brushing and flossing techniques, preventing tooth decay and how to keep their teeth cavity free and strong. Take advantage of this great opportunity and plan a field trip now! Call Dr. Chan at (619) 579-2363 to schedule a field trip!