It’s happened! Your child has finally lost her first tooth! She excitedly holds it out to you and asks, “Is the Tooth Fairy coming?”

You pause. Of COURSE, the tooth fairy is coming – but exactly how is that going to work? She’s lost her first tooth and she is the oldest – you’ve never done this before! Don’t worry – we have some top-notch suggestions to help you welcome the Tooth Fairy and make sure your child has a great first visit.

  1. Get a special “tooth dish.” Many used to put that tooth right under their pillow before they went to sleep – but that might not be the most convenient (or conducive) place for the Tooth Fairy to get your child’s tooth. Anyone with a light sleeper knows how challenging creeping in and out of a bedroom at night can be. Same for those who might have “restless” sleepers – you’re often lucky the sheets are still on the bed in the morning, let alone a pillow. Instead, give your child a special “tooth dish” – it can be a small ramekin, plate, or bowl that you reserve especially for placing lost teeth.  Place the tooth on the plate next to their bed and let them know the Tooth Fairy will know exactly where to look for it.
  2. Write a note. Have your child write the Tooth Fairy a little note letting her (or him!) know that they’ve lost their tooth and thanking them for coming to collect it. Let your child use his imagination. It adds a personal touch to the visit, and gives the Tooth Fairy something to keep remembering her visit.
  3. Make sure the Tooth Fairy leaves a little something. Many kids get money left in place of their tooth – and there is no reason you can’t continue this tradition – but perhaps consider leaving some additional items for your child to encourage good dental habits. Leave behind a fun new toothbrush, a special brushing calendar, or a note commenting on how great the lost tooth looked. Having extra reinforcement to keep up good oral health is a great benefit to having the Tooth Fairy visit.
  4. Snap a picture! Take a picture of your little one with their lost tooth and have them flash you a big smile. Put the pictures in a homemade scrapbook where they can keep track of how their smiles change as they lose and gain teeth over the years.  A smile scrapbook can be a great memory for both kids and their parents.