Not only is nutrition important for your child’s overall health, but it is also important for your child’s dental health. Foods that contain high levels of sugar, starch, and acid can cause tooth decay and other problems. The following nutrition tips will help parents teach their children good dental habits that will keep their smiles healthy.

  1. Calcium-rich foods. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and even broccoli have high levels of calcium and calcium has been shown to lead to strong, healthy bones and teeth. Include good sources of calcium regularly with meals and snacks.
  2. Fruits & Veggies. Many fruits and vegetables have high amounts of water, are low in sugar, and the crunching required to eat them helps clean teeth – making them a great choice for meals and snack times. Limit foods like bananas and dried fruits that are high in sugar or make sure to brush their teeth immediately after consumption.
  3. Eat Cheese. Cheese helps create saliva, which is instrumental in washing away particles from teeth. As a bonus, it’s a good source of calcium, too.
  4. Water is best. Choose water over soda and sugary juices. This also goes for baby bottles – it’s better to stick to water in your baby’s bottle at bedtime instead of milk or juice.
  5. Limit Sugar and Starchy Foods. Things like dried fruit, raisin, granola, honey, and other sticky foods may seem healthy, but they are high in sugar and starches that stick to the teeth and are hard for saliva to wash away.

Additionally, make sure your child regularly visits his or her pediatric dentist and sticks to a regular flossing and brushing routine.